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Ways to Live Forever
Sally Nicholls
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The book was about when this boy named Sam and his friend Felix is eleven years old.They
both have leukemia and the doctor says they are probably going to die in the next six months.They like
to make wish lists about the things they want to do in life like: they want to run up and down an
escalator,kiss a girl,and smoke a cigarette also he wants to break a world record of watching
all of the horror movies in the world.Felix and Sam really want to accomplish all the stuff on their
list.Will Sam and Felix accomplish all the stuff on their list or will they die before they can? READ THE
BOOK TO FIND OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ways to Live Forever
Ways to Live Forever
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This is the cover of the book.
10 year old boy Stock Photo - 9595082
10 year old boy Stock Photo - 9595082

This is a picture of Sam.
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSQd1NWoXbvx5HKjMJ5ImwCW-yPUJ48AFzKx4EfzAZLbUTaxEvAUgThis is a picture of Felix.
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