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Shoeless Joe & Me
Dan Gutman
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So basicly what happens in this story is a kid named Joe stoshack (Joey) goes back in time (using baseball cards) to try to stop the Black Sox Scandal from ever happening. He also has to run a few errans for his mom but lets not get to much into that. He runs into a couple of challenges and saw some stuff he did not want to see. A lot of stuff happens in this cool baseball story enough that I almost want to spoil it. Before I do spoil it read the book to find out.
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external image jackson.jpgThis is a picture of Shoeless Joe Jackson. He played a big role in this book and this is a picture the book actualy used.

external image 9780064472593_p0_v1_s260x420.JPGthis is the book. On the cover is Joe Stoshack and Shoeless joe.
external image Dan-Gutman-author-photo-12.jpgThis is a picture of Dan Gutman holding about only 1/8 of the books he made. (not including shoeless Joe and me in the stack)