I. Introduction
A. Inclusive years of exploration?

B. Where and when was he born?

C. What country funded the Exploration?

D. Who (title) sent the Explorer?

E. What was the GOAL of the Exploration?

II. Exploration
A. Describe what was achieved. What lands did he explore or find? Conquer?Who were the natives living there first?

B.What were the consequences of the exploration? How did the exploration
affect the work and knowledge of the world?

C. Find or draw a map of the explorer’s route or travels and import as
a .jpg to add to the presentation

III. Conclusion and Reflection
A. What did you learn about history from studying about your explorer?

B. What did you find interesting about this explorer?

C. Describe the ways this person has been honored. For example, was anything named in honor of the explorer? Oceans, lakes, buildings, streets, etc.

D. Provide any additional information about your explorer.

North American Explorers:5th Grade Social Studies

Create a Presentation with a slide for each:

Slide 1. Explorer’s Name, Sketch or image, Your Name, Date,
2. Introduction (from Introduction section of notes)
3. Exploration (from Exploration section of notes)
4. Map of Exploration and Describe journey(export drawing from.JPG)
5. Conclusion and Reflection (from Conclusion & Reflection section of notes)
6. Images and Extra Information of Interest
7. Bibliography - List only the Websites and Resources used

Add Transitions and Builds to finish off your presentation after everything else is done and you have the time.