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FableHaven Keys To The Demon Prison
Brandon Mull
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A skilled team risking everything to stop the opening of Zzyzx te demon prison. The main characters are Newel, Doren, Seth Kendra,Vanessa, The Spinx and a few others.Basicly there are magical preserves were magical creatures live and there are caretakers who keep them in order. FableHaven is the one Seth and Kendras grandparents take care of.They go on many adventures. Kendra is fairy kind. Seth is a shadow charmer, yet they are brother and sister. The spinx is closer than ever to opening Zzyzx meaning the end of the world. what will happen. Find out by reading FableHaven Keys To The Demon Prison.
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They fight, betray and battle. this action packed book is so graphic it;s like a movie. It may be long but you get enough AR points. It also has more fantasy things you can take. At first you might not understand but you;ll catch on. Its so good you;ll always wonder what happens next. you'll basicly be in the book.